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Art Direction / Art Department


SEE - Steven Knight - Apple TV - 2019

As Art Director I was in charge of explaining and translating all  textural aspects of the film and the construction plans for textures to the Construction, Set and Properties departments


JUST ADD ROMANCE - Terry Ingram - Hallmark - 2018

As Art Director I was responsible for all graphic design and technical packages Building liaison and production meetings with Directors and Crew. 

ICE 2 - Robert Munic - Ronald Bass - Entertainment one - 2017

As Art Director I was the communicative liaison between Designer

and all other departments. Construction plan design and distribution

of weekly technical packages and location plans.


RAMONA & BEEZUS - Elizabeth A Rosenbaum - 2010

As Art Director it was my responsibility to communicate

between all departments  locations, Construction and Properties

VARIOUS Nickelodeon Films - Amy Sydorick - 2006 -2010

As Art Department Coordinator it was my responsibility to handle

all communication materials through the Art Department and Construction Department leads.


Prop Builder, Special Skills Costumer and Puppeteer  1997-present

See the Props page for a few examples.



Brand new Cherry Flavour  -  All props / edible props

Charmed  - Props

Avatar 2 - Masks and Collectibles

Nancy Drew - Artifacts and Insects / Edible insects

Haunting of Blythe Manor S2 - Dolls

The Terror - Masks

Timeless - Artifacts

Legends of Tomorrow Legends - Graphics

Twilight new dawn - Tattoo design 

Arrow - Artifacts / Weapons

Lemony Snickets - Various props

Midsummer Nightmare - Hero Masks

Pup Star  / Air Buddies - Non edible food props - statues

50 states of fright - Artifacts - Stuffies - Miniature Set Models

Bad angels - Masks - costume illustration

Doomsday - Artifacts

The Good Doctor - Medical Devices 

Gabby - Artifacts - non edible foods

The Quadrant - Artifacts

Trial & Error - Artifacts - Letters - Journal entries

The Wilding - Miniatures

Tiny Christmas - Miniatures - Doll versions of Actors - Animal stand ins

No Heroics - Costume features -illustration

Supernatural (full run)  - Artifacts - Journals - hero doll replicas

Antitrust - all rock work

Cats & Dogs - foam carving mass production of 10000 mice

Elf - foam carving - lego new york

Woody Woodpecker live action - Woody’s tree house home 

Coyote Creek Christmas - animal (dog) stand ins

Once Upon a time S1-2 - Puppets - products

Riverdale - Artifacts

A very Muppet Christmas - foam carved statues 

Muppets in Oz - foam carved statues

Stargate Atlantis  - foam carving - mold production

Final destination  - special effects gore / makeup 

Catwoman  - foam carving - cat mask original source

Twilight zone - Foam carving of 2 matching angel statues

Wolf lake - foam carving - cabin in the woods 

Men in trees - miniatures and animal stand ins

The Sixth day - foam carving of shopping mall statues

A wrinkle in time - special effects large scale organs

Snow queen - mannequin statues of frozen boys - ice -puppeteering 

Battlestar Galactica - foam carving of ships and interior gore 

Baby geniuses - foam carving statues - special effects muscle costume

i Spy - foam carving all sets 

Mr. St Nick - miniature castle - interior details

Alone in the dark - Artifacts - golden antiques 

Saint Sinner - humunculus in a jar - hell’s clock details

Black Christmas - rubber skates for weapon attack

Pathfinder - ship details - large foam carving of wooden artifacts

Antarctica - foam carving

Carrie - crucifix design and build

The Chris Isaak Show - mannequins for museum

Outer Limits - modelling and casting of parts

Watchmen - design of special costumes

White noise - body double puppet for broken body closing scene

Scooby Doo 2 - special effects costumer - all monsters

The Santa Clause - artifacts

Into the Light - Puppeteer and puppet build




ICBC Commercial - don’t drive drunk mannequins 

Earls Commercial  - miniatures

BC Hydro - Tree branches for trees with human looking arms



Ice 2 

Just add Romance

Ramona and Beezus 

Far Cry 

New Moon 

Suite life on deck 


A Fairly odd summer 

A Fairly odd xmas 

Underworld 4 

Splitting Adam 

Meet The Murphy's 

Harper's island 

If you have any questions about a particular listing or project, 

please call me at 604-897-1864 to discuss.   -iesza.

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